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Sapphire ([personal profile] swordspoint) wrote on August 10th, 2012 at 01:47 am
I had the pleasure of going to see "Safety Not Guaranteed" while it was playing at the indie theatre down the street. It's a film where three oddball journalists investigate an ad asking for a time traveling partner, placed by an even odder man. It's also a beautiful film about nostalgia, and those wishing to return to a happier time.

It opens with the main character searching her memory for the last time she was truly happy. How the past must be better than what we currently have is a running theme throughout the movie. For the past two years or so, I kept going back in my mind to a time when I was happier than this. I even lingered at the dangerous notion of not being able to be happy anymore, and how the past was as good as it got. I don't think I feel that way as intensely anymore, but the longing remains.

It's funny how I desperately want to go back to 1998 and 2008, before it all fell apart for me.

Then again, the whole point of the film, and something that I didn't a movie to point out to me, really, is that there will never an ideal time to be happy. Lost chances and made mistakes are to be learned from, not sorely regretted. Something better is bound to come along and turn my life differently. I'm almost afraid to go back and check my old journal entries from those time, but perhaps a little bit of grounding might anchor me, after all.
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