swordspoint: (Bite my lips red)
Sapphire ([personal profile] swordspoint) wrote on June 28th, 2013 at 02:14 am
2013 is the year of losing friends.

That's not quite right. This is the year of letting go. I know I've been harping on and off about people and particular situations that have been making me miserable, but I've never felt so positive about letting go before. It's not without any pain. It hurts to see things you've worked harder to nurture evaporate, and every loss is like a slap in the face.

But no pain, no gain, right? "With every slap, a lesson."

The only thing I'm peeved about is how mad I am at myself. I'm angry with myself for investing so much of my emotional energy into people who were never worth it. I'm saddened at all the time I wasted. I'n devastated because I never learn. And yet, I'm trying really hard to take this as a lesson in figuring out how to deal with people in the future. On the other hand, those who are worth it are the friends I've kept throughout the year. You can't win them all.

Sometimes we need certain people to walk into and out of our life for a certain purpose.
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