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Sapphire ([personal profile] swordspoint) wrote on September 7th, 2010 at 07:23 pm
It's that time of the year again. Meaning, I'm bored and getting rid of stuff. I have several items for sale in case anyone is interested.

-Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Yun Kouga Design Works. [SOLD]
Condition: Excellent. New.
Pages: 80 pages of color art, character designs, and interviews. Comes with a poster.
Price: $12

-SSS Special Yun Kouga (hardcover artbook)
Condition: Excellent. Mint. This is a rare artbook of Yun Kouga's earlier work, such as Earthian, Genji, Zero Beat, etc.
Pages: 64 pages of art and b&w artwork, and extra Earthian manga.
Price: $12

-From Eroica with Love artbook (Yasuko Aoike)
Condition: Excellent. New.
Pages: 50 pages of color artwork, coloring pages, and paper dress up dolls.
Price: $10

-The Doorway to Summer/Natsu e no Tobira (Keiko Takemiya) anime book vol 1 & 2 [SOLD]
Condition: Mint. These volumes were released along the anime adaptation. Check them out if you're a Takemiya fan.
Pages: 160 each.
Price: $10 for both
Samples: 1 - 2

-Loveless DVDs vol 2 $ 3
Condition: New. Still wrapped and unopened.
Price: $10 for both o $5 per either.

I prefer Paypal but I'm open to other methods of payments. Domestic shipping is $3. International shipping is $5.

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